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Hello! This is the community portal, where WikiBound's community comes together to work on projects and serves as a general discussion page. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask them on the talk page!

Help desk

Here's a list of useful links that will definitely help you out on editing the wiki!

Basic tasks

To-do list

  • Game articles.
    • Major rewrite and expansion efforts are needed on the articles for all three games. All of them need the following:
      • Plot layout - not too wordy, but also including relevant details and linking.
      • Development information/history, plus release info.
    • On a related note, real-life stubs need a lot of work too.
  • Enemies.
    • All M1 and M3 enemy pages need the implementation of Template:Attack table. If anyone knows a resource that consistently and exhaustively lists those games' enemies' actions, this is going to take rigorous playtesting. Hacking would likely provide an easier means, however.'
      • The Mother 3 Funland program found here serves as a method to view the enemy attack tables for Mother 3; however, they do not list the attack's effects.
      • Additionally, there is a Mother 3 database that you can find here does not list the exact attack text, but it does list the effects.
        • Once an enemy has its attack table implemented, remove the enemy stub template.
    • All enemy pages should have some explanation of their appearance added to their opening lines.
  • Characters.
    • Expanding on characterizations, plot relevance, actions, etc. Lots of important character articles are still extremely short and require major improvement. See here for some things that need work.
  • Locations.
    • Thorough explanations of how areas are relevant in the games' plots need to be added ASAP.
  • Item Listings and Shops
    • The shop template needs to be applied to many pages still. As it stands now, a large amount of pages have not yet been adapted to the new table system.
      • Many items are in need of Japanese translations, especially those from Mother 3, which doesn't have a resource to extensively list them.
        • Descriptions for a large amount of the EarthBound items have yet to be implemented.

There are more tasks beyond these, which will be added here in the future. In the meantime, let's work on these ones!

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